Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Auckland, New Zealand, part 2

After a nice sleep in until 10.30 Auckland time we tried to find a place for brekkie. The weather was cold and windy with massive showers. Right before this massive shower we managed to find a place for lunch. We were still on Sydney time (breakfast time) but everyone here was already eating lunch.

Depot Eatery is a hip and trendy eatery in the CBD close to the sky tower. They mainly serve share plates, either small or large. I started with a GSM (for breakfast! I know! But i'm on holidays so I thought I could get away with it) and MrBehomeforT got a coke. We were served really quickly, and got some flatbread and hommos before our order was taken. I ordered the Lyndon's courgette flowers with persian feta and pinoli pinenuts (NZ$16). 

The courgette strips were chargrilled and dressed with a lemon olive dressing. They still had a nice crunch. The zucchini flowers were battered and deepfried which gave them a lovely crunchy texture. The feta made the dish nice and creamy and the pinenuts were a nice touch. I loved this dish! 

We also ordered lamb ribs with skordalia (a greek style potato mash) and cumin paprika oil (NZ$18). The lamb had nice crunchy bits and fell off the bone. The skordalia was nice and creamy. We also shared the wood roasted free range chicken with Israeli couscous, aubergine and yoghurt (NZ$32). 

The couscous had pieces of green apple in it, very nice. The chicken was nice and tender. Our lunch here was a success but I was so full after!!

Time for a walk around the city. It felt like there was a hurricane, the wind gusts were so strong! We had to find shelter now and then from the showers but fortunately it wasn't raining all the time. After a nice walk through Alfred park past a few interesting buildings we got to britomarkt and the NZ version of Sydney's circular quay. So many similarities here with Sydney's harbour! They even had a wildfire restaurant (although Sydney's wildfire has been closed now)! We walked past a National Geographic exhibition with some pretty amazing pictures. After a while I couldn't feel my ears anymore and we sat down somewhere warm for a chai tea latte and a mulled wine. The conservatory is a nice little place on the water with plants and flowers everywhere. It was really nice to sit inside while everyone outside started running to escape the rain. It always gives me this warm and cosy feeling and makes me think of home.

One of the things I love in a hotel is the bath. I love taking baths! Unfortunately we don't have a bath in Sydney so when I get the chance I stock up on bath goodies and soak away. I got myself a butter bomb from Lush on the way back to the hotel. With shea butter and ylang ylang this ball is supposed to make your skin super soft. I loved throwing the thing in the bath and seeing it slowly melt away. I think it also had glitter in it. It was pretty awesome.

In the evening we took the taxi to Ponsonbury to go for dinner. We ended up at chapel bar and bistro where i got a massive steak with bubble and squeek and coleslaw. The steak was delicious and MrBehomeforT had food envy. He ordered a pizza (in a bistro where they had so much meat on offer!). We decided to go accross the road to Ponsonbury Social Club where I ordered a Koliki Fever cocktail. Nice and fruity but not too sweet. With rum, coffee, passionfruit, orange and pineapple this cocktail had a tropical flavour with a light coffee aftertaste which was a bit unusual but definitely worked. The place itself was very cool, playing hiphop and soul music and with a very open space feeling.

Ponsonbury has this really cool food hall/alley where there are all these different restaurants and bars. It made me think of Melbourne. We paid a visit to Toru (they had a fireplace!!) for dessert. I had a lovely tea with pistachio mousse, chestnut, white chocolate and caramel. So good!! MrBehomeforT had a chocolate tart with chocolate icecream. He was happy. I was happy. We were happy. I'm writing this from my bed in the hotel, resting up for an early start tomorrow. We are going to Waihiki Island for some wine tasting. Stay tuned for the next post! 

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