Sunday, 24 August 2014

Oldtown in Newtown

Another rainy afternoon in Sydney. The last weeks consisted of rain, rain and rain. We were looking for a place close by, and Oldtown in Newtown came to mind.

We have been living in Newtown for about a year now, and have walked past Oldtown in Newtown quite a few times. The interior looks cute, cosy and comfortable. I made a reservation that same day and there was still a spot left at 9.30. Often, restaurants have 'sittings' where you can choose a time to dine. I could choose either for 6.30 or 8.30 - and because it was a Saturday night I opted for  8.30.

A table was put aside for me and we were seated immediately. The menu mainly consists of Italian food. There were a few options to pick from, and it was difficult to choose. However, I knew I wanted pasta. This place makes their pasta from scratch, and even has cooking classes. So I had to try the pasta. And I was glad I did. I picked the Duck pasta with fresh Duck ragout. 

I made the mistake of eating a whole cheese platter pretty much by myself before we went for dinner. Considering dinner was a bit on the late side, I decided to buy some cheese from the Stinking Bishops. And their cheese is so good! So good that I ate a whole 100 gram piece of the Holy Goat and a 100 gram piece of the Brie. Gosh I am happy I bought that fitbit to get me to walk off the calories. Anyway....the pasta.....

The pasta was very fresh and the Duck was nice and meaty. The dish was well balanced. I had three bites and I was full (damn you cheese!). But then I managed to eat most of the pasta anyway. Did I have problems with standing up afterwards? Yes. Was it worth it? Hell yeah! Had some lovely red wines to accompany my pasta too. A perfect Italian dinner! 

MrBehomeforT had the steak with crunchy chips and some salad. Oh did he have food envy! But I returned his food envy when the desserts came in. I ordered the Tiramisu, which was nice, but not fantastic. MrBehomeforT ordered the chocolate tart with caramel and ice cream. He was happy. He loved his tart.

And then I ordered the tea. The T. Ohmy! I LOVED the teapot! And the teacup. And the thing with milk. I was having a little tea party and thoroughly enjoying it. 

I would definitely go back to Oldtown in Newtown. I want to try their pasta with vodka and beetroot. Sounds delicious! It wasn't too expensive either, so this may well become our Italian local.

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