Sunday, 27 July 2014

My new favourite place in Newtown

My new favourite place in Newtown

The reviews said that this place was slow, so I expected a slow service. It was Saturday, quite early (7 pm) and already packed. Contrary to my expectations, this place was fast! And the food was amazing!

We started with Haku Mari - Vegetable Spring Roll. These were nice and crispy and full with flavour. They were so nice that we had to order a second serving.

After this we had some Chicken Karaage - Deepfried Marinated Chicken. The chicken was moist and tender, and the flavour was so good! I loved the seasoning. Every dish had a generous serving of Japanese mayo, which was really nice.

Of course we needed to order some sushi. The Dragon Roll with fried prawn, eel and avocado was good. The prawn was crispy (could have been a bit crispier) and the eel gave the sushi some extra sweetness.

We also ordered the Terriyaki Chicken Roll. Not my favourite, but that is personal taste. MrBehomeforT was a big fan of this one. But cold chicken in sushi.... I'm not so sure....

The last sushi roll we had, the Spider Roll with deepfried softshell crab, was the best. I love spider rolls! The crispy soft shell crab is so good!

Service was super quick and the bill came to $40 - so cheap!!! We were both stuffed and there was no place for dessert. All that food for such a small price.

This is now my favourite place in newtown! Highly recommended!

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