Saturday, 10 May 2014

Darley Street Bistro at the Botany View Hotel

I had read a lot about this place before I went here for the first time. The reviews were very positive and I saw some amazing pictures. The food looks like restaurant food. Proper restaurant food! Not something you would expect from a pub, although nowadays more and more pubs serve nice food. You will just need to know about them.

Darley Street Bistro is on the first floor of the Botany View Hotel in Newtown. You would certainly not expect a nice bistro when you walk into the pub. They often have live music on, and the interior is just like any other old style pub in Sydney.

I have to say that the upstairs part does not look very special either. One of the negative aspects is the atmosphere. It's a family friendly pub and there are kids running around everywhere. Which is absolutely fine and it is great that families with kids can enjoy a nice dinner while their kids are playing in the corner (they have a separate area with toys for the kids), but if you are looking for a romantic candlelight style dinner, this is not the place. This is the place for an easy delicious weeknight dinner.

Kilkoy Beef Fillet Served on a Bacon and Thyme Hash Brown with Wild Garlic Spinach, Eschallot Puree, Truffle Brisket Croquette and Jus

MrBehomeforT ordered the winner of the night. The beef was so tender and the jus was amazing. The hash brown was crunchy and not too salty. The croquette was also cruncy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. I had food envy.

Confit of Duck Legs Served on Warm Persian Lentil Fetta Salad with Pickled Slaw and Hazelnut Crumbs

Not that my duck was bad. Not at all! To the contrary, it was super tasty. The lentil fetta salad was nice and fresh and the hazelnut crumbs made it nice and cruncy, a nice contrast with the duck. I had the option to order one or two legs, and I ordered one. Wished I ordered two because the duck was delicious. 

The food at this place is hardly ever a miss. It looks so pretty too. Highly recommended.

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  1. This looks amazing. I have food envy right now
    xx, Michelle

  2. Hi Michelle! I only just saw your comment! I love this place! Your blog looks really nice!