Saturday, 12 April 2014

Rabbit Hole Bar and Dining

When I scrolled through my Instagram feed I saw some pictures of Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining in Sydney, CBD. The food looked absolutely delicious and when my I was meeting with a friend for a long due catch up, we decided to go there. 

The bar itself is 'underground', which is pretty cool. When you are sitting at a table you can look up and see people walk at street level. The atmosphere is cosy and intimate. There are little teacups on the table with a tealight. I love it when real candles are used! The tables are small and there are two different areas to sit. We found a table near the bar.

I have read that this place makes the most amazing cocktails, but I was really in the mood for a wine. After all, this is also a wine bar. I was actually surprised we managed to find a table, considering it looked like this was a very popular place. 

If you don't already know, I absolutely love cheese. So I decided to order a whole cheeseplate ($26) for dinner. Yes, that's right. I ate a whole cheeseplate, by myself. I don't care. I know they are meant to share. The platter looked too nice! It had a cheddar, a brie and a blue on it with a couple of different crackers. There was also a sweet jam and a honey, some apple and some muscatels. I was pretty stuffed, which is not surprising considering I ate the whole thing. 

My friend ordered the burger (Wagyu beef burger on a brioche bun with brie and tomato relish, $19) and was a bit disappointed with the chips/potatoes. They looked really nice and crispy but unfortunately they weren't very special. The burger was and looked good though. It was nicely plated up.

My friend decided to order the dessert (macaron lollipops, truffle and dark chocolate baileys ice cream, $14), and while I was still munching on my cheeseplatter a beautiful dish with chocolate mousse and macarons arrived. The chocolate ice cream, which tasted more like a chocolate mousse, had baileys in it... a LOT of baileys! It wasn't very pleasant to eat because the taste was so strong. I thought maybe it will be easier to eat after one bite. It wasn't. 

The macarons however, WOW! They were white chocolate dark chocolate macarons, with truffle. Not the chocolate truffle, but the truffle truffle. The mushroom truffle. The truffle that you can find with a truffle pig. I was speechless when I tried one. I have never tasted this combination before. It was interesting actually, because just the week before on one of the teams on My Kitchen Rules tried to make truffled truffels. It did not work out well for them because the judges could not taste the truffle (the mushroom version) properly.

This dish however had an earthy taste to it. The truffle really changed the flavour of the chocolate. It wasn't sweet and bitter anymore, like dark chocolate normally tastes, but it tasted savoury and hearty. It was delicious! I would happily order a whole plate of them (without the chocolate mousse).

Rabbit Hole Bar and Dining is a very nice place if you want to go for an after work drink and if you are hungry. Don't forget to order the macarons, I don't think you will easily find them somewhere else. 

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